Product(WA0221) NITRO DRIVESHARE 9" UNIVERSAL BRUSH CUTTER ATTACHMENTCannot secure the cutter in place

Cannot secure the cutter in place

Try this solution

Follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. First, refer to the diagram provided: This will give you a clear idea of the order in which the parts should be assembled.

  2. Once you've familiarized yourself with the assembly order, ensure the FLANGE (8) is secured as shown in Fig. D.

  3. Next, use the HEX KEY (10) to lock the FLANGE (8) in place:

  4. Now, place the BLADE (2) on the FLANGE (8), then put the SAFETY-STOP GUARD (7) on the BLADE (2). Secure the BLADE (2) and SAFETY-STOP GUARD (7) with the LOCK-NUT (4) and the WRENCH (9). To tighten the LOCK-NUT (4), turn the WRENCH (9) counter-clockwise while the FLANGE (8) is locked with the HEX KEY (10).

Please note that Part 5 (Washer) is a spare part and is only needed for after-market blades.

Follow these steps carefully to ensure a successful assembly of your WA0221.