Product(WG309) 8 AMP ELECTRIC 10" POLE SAWChain is not being oiled enough

Chain is not being oiled enough

Try this solution

Refill oil

Possible cause:
No oil in reservoir.

How-to guide

1. WARNING: Unplug the unit before filling the oil tank

2. Set chain saw on any suitable surface with OIL FILLER CAP (5) facing upward

3. Clean area around the OIL FILLER CAP (5) with cloth and unscrew the cap by turning it counterclockwise

4. Add WORX bar and chain oil until tank is full

DO NOT OVERFILL. Oil levels will be shown through the OIL LEVEL WINDOW (4). Avoid getting dirt or debris in the oil tank.

5. Refit OIL FILLER CAP (5) and tighten by turning clockwise until hand tight