Product(WG119) 5.5 AMP ELECTRIC 15" STRING TRIMMER & EDGERExcessive vibrations/noise

Excessive vibrations/noise

Try this solution

Try rewinding the spool lines or switching it out for a new spool

Possible cause:
Line spool is not wound well.

Click on the guide to learn how to wind the spool.

How-to guide

1. Take approximately 16ft (5m) of line and insert 5/8” (15mm) of line into one of the holes in the upper section of the SPOOL

2. Wind the line in the direction of the arrows on the top of the SPOOL

Repeat process with separate piece of line on lower section of SPOOL.

3. Leave approximately 4” (100mm) of line unwound and place it into the cleat

Repeat on the lower section of the SPOOL.

Note: Carefully ensure that the line is neatly coiled on the SPOOL. Failure to do so will impair the efficiency of the automatic line feed.