Product(WG307) JAWSAW 5 AMP ELECTRIC CHAINSAWBar/chain overheated

Bar/chain overheated

Try this solution

Adjust the chain tension

Possible Cause:
The chain may be too tight.

How-to guide

1. Lock the Guide Bar

Push the REAR HANDLE until the GUIDE BAR is in the middle of the jaw opening.

Lock the GUIDE BAR in the middle position by inserting the LOCK PIN (17) into the LOCK PIN RECEPTACLE (18) located under the REAR HANDLE.

2. Open the Chain Access Cover

Open the CHAIN ACCESS COVER (12) by using the supplied wrench. To open, turn the CHAIN ACCESS COVER no more than a 1/4 turn in either direction.

3. Release tension on the Saw Chain

Release tension on the SAW CHAIN (11) by
loosening the CHAIN TENSIONING BOLT (15). Turn the CHAIN TENSIONING BOLT counterclockwise 2 or more times.

*If you need to add tension on the SAW CHAIN, turn the CHAIN TENSIONING BOLT clockwise. When tightening the CHAIN TENSIONING BOLT, the automatic chain tensioning system will set the tension to the SAW CHAIN at the same time.

4. Check that the correct Saw Chain tension has been set

It should be possible to pull the SAW CHAIN away from the side of the GUIDE BAR approximately 1/16 inch (1.6mm) and it should snap back.