Product(WG185) NITRO 40V BRUSHLESS 15" CORDLESS STRING TRIMMERExcessive vibrations/noise

Excessive vibrations/noise

Try this solution

Ensure that the line was properly wound

If necessary, try rewinding the line.

How-to guide

1. Remove the TRIMMER HEAD

To remove the TRIMMER HEAD, press the sides to release it.

2. Prepare the trimmer line

Use line size: 0.095 in. and max length of 14'.

You may use any local hardware store lines.

3. Remove the spool inside of the TRIMMER HEAD (11)

Insert the line through the eyelet of the spool and feed it through the other side. Ensure both ends of the line are even (approximately 7 ft. each side).

4. Feed both ends of the line through the RELEASE TABS (12)

Put the spool back into the TRIMMER HEAD (11). It may take a few seconds to adjust the spool back in. Once it is secure in the TRIMMER HEAD (11), ensure that the line is even on both sides.

5. Attach the TRIMMER HEAD (11) back onto the trimmer

You will hear it click back in place.

6. Turn the TRIMMER HEAD (11) clockwise to wind the line around the spool until about 7.5” remains on either side.