Product(WR150) LANDROID L 20V 4.0AH ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER (1/2 ACRE)Grass is being cut unevenly

Grass is being cut unevenly

Try this solution

Try adding more hours to the mowing schedule.

Possible cause:
Landroid does not work enough hours per day to cut the grass.

There are 3 ways you can adjust the time settings (the step-by-step guide is for option 3).

Depending on the growth rate of your grass, you may want Landroid to work a little harder or a little less. You can adjust the working time in percentage increments and Landroid will recalculate its working time automatically.

1. Turn on the mower and insert PIN code

2. Press the ↑(A) key or the ↓(B) key to adjust the working time in 10% increments. Landroid will now automatically calculate a revised working time.

Landroid is factory set to automatically start at 09:00am each day, but you might want to adjust this. To do this follow the step-by-step guide.

How-to guide

1. Turn on Landroid and insert PIN code

2. Press the → (D) key

3. Scroll with the ←(C) and → (D) keys to the clock icon

Press OK to confirm. Now you are in ‘working time’ menu

4. Select ‘Auto Work Time’ and press OK

5. Select size of your lawn in m2 by scrolling with the ↑(A) and ↓(B) key and choosing the right size

6. Press the Return key to go back to ‘working time’ menu

7. Now select ‘Customise work time’ option, press OK

Days of the week will appear with working time in hours and minutes.

8. Now select a day of the week, press OK

Now a working time menu will appear for that day.

9. Press OK to make the time digits flash

10. Select new start time in hours and minutes by pressing the ←(C) and →(D) arrows

You can change hour or minute time values using the ↑(A) and ↓(B) keys.

11. Select new stop time in hours and minutes

Press OK to confirm. When successful you will see the total working time for that day has been updated based on the start and stop times that you have input.

12. To change the start time for other days of the week, go back to the previous customize working time menu and repeat the steps