Product(WR140) LANDROID M 20V 4.0AH ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER (1/4 ACRE)Landroid wheels skid or repeatedly slip

Landroid wheels skid or repeatedly slip

Try this solution

Remove foreign objects from underside of Landroid

Possible cause:
Foreign obstacles, such as twigs and branches may be lodged under Landroid.

How-to guide

1. WARNING! Before cleaning, turn your Landroid off and remove the battery

Always wear protective gloves.

2. Flip Landroid upside down

3. Remove debris and grass clippings using a brush

Be careful not to touch the blades with your hands. Wear gloves for protection.

4. Clean the blade disc, the chassis, and the front wheel(s) thoroughly with a soft brush or moist rag

5. Rotate the blade disc to ensure it rotates freely

Remove any obstructions. Remove any lodged debris so that they don’t cause a crack in the blade disk. Even the tiniest crack effects mowing performance

6. Ensure the blades spin freely around the fixing screws

Remove any obstructions.